Shortsea Shipping Promotion Center – Italy

In April 2015, RAM S.p.a. has been nominated by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport as National Center for the Promotion of Short Sea Shipping – Italia (SPC-Italy), with the aim to become the reference point for ports, shipowners and road transport operators, and even provide homogeneous, coherent information on Short Sea Shipping.

As SPC-Italy, RAM's main activities are:

  • developing initiatives related to Short Sea Shipping
  • taking part to EU projects promoting and supporting Short Sea Shipping
  • organizing and attending events and meetings
  • engaging the major stakeholders, among which: logistics operators, shipowners, national administrations and European bodies

Since it has been nominated SPC-Italy, RAM has become fully operational within the European Shortsea Network, actually contributing to implement the new strategic plan, priorities and objectives for the national Network of SPCs.

Also, as SPC-Italy, RAM has strengthen the relationship with the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping, the training center headquartered in Barcelona that offers training courses to students and professionals of Short Sea Shipping and intermodal transport. The collaboration with the Institute includes different activities, among which:

  • joint elaboration of project proposals within the CEF and Erasmus
  • teaching and participation to the Institute courses